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Introduction Course

This intro course includes four introductory tutorials covering the foundational elements of Ashtanga Yoga and eight Mysore classes giving you detailed instruction in the Mysore style environment. This course will introduce you to the essential elements of Ashtanga yoga and equip you with the foundation you need to join MTO’s Mysore program


The four tutorials will introduce the essential elements of Ashtanga Yoga explained in simple terms. Each of these sessions also includes a 15-30-minute guided on- the-mat practice, introducing yoga postures that are the foundation for Ashtanga yoga.


Subsequent Mysore classes will build on what you have learned and include detailed instruction of all elements of the Ashtanga practice as well as new materials.


4 x 75min Tutorials + 8 mysore classes on weekdays

**choose your preferred date & time.

  • Tutorial with Veronique:    Day time only – English, Mandarin or Cantonese

  • Tutorial with other teachers:  Mornings or Evenings – Japanese

  • Course fee:     ¥24,000 (including free usage of high quality Manduka mat)

  • Suitable for:   Anyone that is new to Ashtanga Yoga. Total beginners welcome.

Course Content

This is an introduction course to the foundational aspects of Ashtanga Yoga. Students new to Ashtanga yoga will be equipped with essential aspects necessary to begin a life-long Ashtanga yoga practice. Core aspects include:

  • Understanding tristhāna: breathing, posture, gazing (dṛṣṭi)

  • Understanding vinyasa, bandha, dhyāna

  • Understanding sun salutations A & B versions

  • Asana foundation: standing postures up to parśvottānāsana

  • Last three finishing postures: yogamudrā, padmāsana, uttpluthi

  • Benefits of Mysore style: Going deeper through creating an Ashtanga Mysore style practice that suits your unique situation and belongs to you.



Tutorial #1 + Mysore #1 & #2    



Tutorial #2 + Mysore #3 & #4



Tutorial #3 + Mysore #5 & #6



Tutorial #4 + Mysore #7 & #8

Tutorial 1&2

  • Ashtanga yoga overview.

  • Tristhāna – the three essential elements of practice. (Sun salutation is used to teach tristhāna.)

  • Led class teaching: sun salutations A & B plus finishing poses.

Tutorial 3&4

  • Vinyasa, bandha, dhyāna.

  • The Mysore style and it’s benefits.

  • Approach to practice.

  • Led Class reviewing Sun Salutations A & B, Finishing Postures and introducing Standing Postures.

Mysore 1-8

(choose any 8 morning or evening Mysore and a start time that suits you)

  • Detailed instruction in Mysore Style Ashtanga with the aim to develop proficiency in Sun Salutations A & B, Standing Poses, Seated Postures and Finishing Poses, according to your unique situation.

  • Each Mysore class will include review of all the elements presented in the tutorials and add to what has been learned in previous classes.​

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